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Time to Pack! Staying Organized During Your Office Move

Here’s the truth – packing up your office for a move is a HUGE task. Beyond just the amount of items that need to be packed, the real important piece is to pack in a strategic way so that you can maintain a level of productivity. Just because you are moving doesn’t mean that all work stops! As with each phase of the moving process, communication and delegation is key. These steps from your NYC Professional Office Organizer will keep you organized throughout the packing process and this final stage before moving day.

Brief Your Staff

Communication with your staff is of utmost importance to ensure a smooth office move process. During this phase, it’s important to brief your staff on their new workspace configuration and available storage. Use this opportunity to prepare them before they get into the new space so they only pack what will fit and discard or recycle the rest.

Set-up Staging Areas

During the packing phase of the office move, you are most likely still operating your business, so having a plan to minimize the chaos is important. Set up staging areas for packed boxes so that they aren’t in walkways blocking traffic paths or overwhelming individual workspaces.

Assign Responsibility

Remember, delegating specific tasks ensures that everything gets done. So delegate and assign responsibility for packing the contents of common areas. This could be a small team per area, or one team that handles it all, whichever makes sense for you.

Provide Direction

During the move, things are bound to feel chaotic and overwhelming at times. You can minimize that by being the clear voice throughout the process. Provide direction to your team concerning the packing/moving of all equipment. With one voice giving direction, it will eliminate any confusion. This is also an opportunity to hire a professional – then you have a point person to handle all the details!

When it comes to an office move, staying organized is so important. When you are ready to plan for your office move, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer for strategies and support through the process.

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