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Top Methods of Improving the Lighting in Your Workspace

Whether the light at an office is natural, artificial, brilliant and blue, or dim and yellow, the type of light in an office space has an impact on employees’ moods, circadian cycles, and physical health, as well as their productivity and creativity. However, with so many different light colors and fixtures to choose from, determining which form of lighting is best for the office can be difficult. Here are some of the top methods of improving the lighting in your workspace!

Keep Office Lights Indirect

Working beneath the direct glare of overhead lights is not a good idea. Look for techniques to filter the ambient light that will highlight your working environment instead. A downward-shining floor lamp bounces light off of the walls and ceilings, while lampshades soften and scatter otherwise harsh light. The idea is to light up the entire room without causing too much glare or contrast and to prevent casting shadows.

Create Task Lighting

Choose a well-defined light source dedicated to what you’re doing for computer work, paperwork, and other focus-intensive jobs. A desk lamp that is adjustable or articulated can provide light exactly where you need it while also supporting a variety of jobs. Set up specific task lighting for each workstation if your home office has numerous workstations—for example, a desk for computer and phone work, a filing area, and a table for examining photos and layouts. As well, try to keep your task lighting noninvasive to your workspaces. Doing so will maximize your home office desk space while maximizing your productivity!

Eliminate Glare and Shadow

Always think about where your light comes from: when you use your computer, a light source situated behind you will almost surely cause an uncomfortable glare on your monitor. Similarly, keep an eye out for unwanted shadows generated by task lighting bulbs. If you write with your right hand, for example, and the task light is also on the right, your hand and arm may cast shadows. When arranging your workplaces, keep in mind the location of windows.

Utilize Natural Light

Don’t underestimate the value of natural light from a window, skylight, or another source. The warm illumination sunlight produces can help to improve the working atmosphere. On the other hand, you may need to consider that direct sunlight can generate excessive glare at particular times of the day.

By using these top methods of improving the lighting in your workspace, you can enhance your productivity. While it can be a bit challenging to improve the lighting in your workspace, doing so will surely improve not only your space but your working habits as well!

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