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Use Your Office Move to Declutter Your Workspace

Preparing for an office move is a large project and should include an office move checklist. A major task on the list is packing. If you look around your office right now, odds are good that many of the items taking up space are not necessary for your daily work. This is a great opportunity to declutter so that you can start packing those less essential items. The less you need to move, the easier the move will be. Here are some tips to help you declutter your work space from this Professional Organizer in NYC.

Start with your desk. Throw away or recycle any papers or files that you no longer need. Toss out old notes stored in your drawers, broken office supplies, share items collected at past conferences with colleagues and donate unopened holiday gifts. Don’t get caught up in thinking too deeply about this process. Instead, set a timer for 15 minutes and quickly sort through each drawer, throwing things away, adding items to a donation pile, or leave only those items that should be kept in the drawers. Once you have finished sorting, then you can safely pack items appropriately.

Focus on your supply closets. As you review the contents of your office supply closet, make note of those frequently used supplies like reams of paper and extra file folders as they will definitely need a spot in your new office. Closets are easily cluttered so this is the time to be ruthless as you’ll only want to move items that are actually needed. This is the time to get rid of ink cartridges for a printer you no longer have or outdated brochures that are no longer relevant. If you are struggling, set a timer as you did for your desk, and make piles to discard, donate, or recycle.

Target office storage spaces. You may have a storage room in your office and it is probably where all of the items that you didn’t know what to do with ended up. Many of these items won’t be needed in your new office space! Donate obsolete computer equipment, old printers and copy machines that have long since been replaced. Be critical of any office furniture that has been stored here as well. If there is not a specific space for it in your new location, donate it now so you don’t bring the clutter with you.

Organize your files. Before you just toss all of your files into a box, be critical about what needs to be moved and what can be archived, shredded and recycled. If you haven’t been keeping up with yearly filing cycles, this is a good time to get the process back on track. Go ahead and take some time to review your files – there’s no point in taking a box of files that are ready to be shredded!

An office move is a great time to assess your belongings and take time to ditch the clutter before you move into your new office space. When you need more hands on help with your office move and assistance creating an office move checklist, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC.

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