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Why Does Clutter Cause Stress?

Even though we are well past the lockdown, many are still working from home and new routines have evolved. With all that is going on, there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with mental clutter as well as the stuff that has started piling up around you. Tackling the clutter that is collecting may not have made it onto your list of daily activities. It is of no surprise that with everyone spending more time at home more stuff is accumulating. Aside from the other issues related to the piles on every surface, it is difficult to keep the areas clean and sanitized. Since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, this is an important consideration. However, also of importance is the fact that clutter causes stress. At this particular time, none of us need any more of this. This is the reason this NYC professional home office organizer is sharing the following information.

Clutter causes stress because:

1. It distracts our attention away from those tasks that we should be focused on. As a result, the tasks that we are supposed to get done aren’t completed.

2. It signals our brain that the work isn’t done. The piles are a reminder of one more task yet to be completed.

3. It overwhelms us as we try to figure out how we are going to get rid of the piles. We don’t know where or how to start the decluttering process.

4. It is difficult to find that important document or item. We don’t know where to start looking and lose a lot time sorting through the various piles that surround us.

5. It makes it difficult for us to relax as we know that the piles should really be addressed.

It is extremely important to break the cycle and find a way to tackle the clutter.  This article on the National Geographic site shares some insights in doing just this. The bottom line is that taking action, whatever that may be, will help reduce the stress.

Don’t let the clutter overwhelm you. Schedule time to tackle the piles and clear the clutter.  Reach out to this NYC Professional Home Office Organizer today for additional tips.

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