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Why I Chose Work Life Harmony

A few years ago I was constantly striving to create balance between my work and personal lives. It was an uphill battle as I frequently found myself having to take a step back to re-adjust. Why… because there wasn’t any balance. Those personal activities like more family time, me time, time to explore new hobbies, etc. never quite made it onto my weekly routine. I always managed to carve out time for the work stuff. By the time it was done, I was tired and not motivated to tackle more than just the essentials in my personal life. This was very frustrating, and it was time to make some changes. Here’s why I chose work life harmony.

I recognized that my work and personal lives should be more intertwined. Instead of viewing work and life as 2 distinct entities, there needed to be a more level playing field. There could be tremendous benefits starting with being happier…. And who wouldn’t want that? I started shifting towards a work life harmony mindset and then there was COVID. There was then a greater need to address many life/home issues in a prompt manner which helped to reinforce my new direction.

So how did I make this shift… I started by setting definitive work hours during which I stay fully engaged with tasks related to my work goals. Instead of having an open-ended workday, my day ends at 5:30. I can then segue to figuring out dinner, meeting up with friends, and down time. I make a conscious effort to block time in my calendar for both work and personal time so that all aspects of my life are represented.

How I spend my workday and the people that I work with are a key component to having good work life harmony. I am very passionate about the work that I do with my clients and am very vested in helping them achieve their goals. Loving my work gives me purpose and contributes to my state of well being and happiness.

Lastly, taking care of me is now more top of mind. Whether I’m doing my daily early morning exercises or taking a couple of walks during the day, I make a concerted effort to stay active. As I have been doing this for a while, I have developed good habits so I don’t always have to schedule the time on my calendar. In addition, I make sure to go to bed between 10-11pm which as it turns out is the golden hour and is good for my heart. All in all, being active and getting enough sleep have a positive effect on my productivity and focus. This enables me to get the important work tasks done so I can easily move on to my after-work activities.

Now that I’ve shared why I chose work life harmony, I’d like to hear your thoughts and learn about what works for you. Please share below or reach out to me.

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