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Will you be Ready for Hybrid Working?

If you’re like many, there’s a good chance that you’ll be transitioning from working from home to a hybrid model some time this year. Will you be ready for hybrid working?  As I addressed in my recent post, there may be challenges so being proactive in preparing is a good strategy. You may be in the office for 3 or 4 days each week and at home for the remainder of the time.  Having a seamless transition between your 2 offices will be ideal. In order to do this, start planning now.

For example, while there’s still plenty of time, start by assessing your home office. It may be supporting you currently but is it ready to do so for the long haul. You may have been making do over the past year and it’s now time to up your game. You can enjoy the benefits of doing so now and definitely once you have shifted to a split work week.

Consider the following points when reviewing your home office:

-Do you have a dedicated space or are you constantly moving around your home?

-Are you productive when working in your workspace or are you frequently getting up to find supplies or essential materials?

-Have you set up systems to efficiently manage your workflow so tasks aren’t falling through the cracks?

-Do you have routines in place for starting and ending your day that keep you focused and productive?   

By starting to build a solid foundation while there’s still plenty of time will make the shift to working from 2 locations an easier one. By creating what I like to call a command center (aka your home office), you’ll have the structure and systems in place that will support you as you move into this new phase.

Will you be ready for hybrid working?  The answer will be yes if you proactively start taking action during the months leading up to your start date. Please reach out if you need some tips.

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