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Winter Cleaning Checklist for Your Office

The organization and cleanliness of your office space are crucial to your productivity and mental health while on the job. Whether you work at home or in an office, there are plenty of tasks to do. Here is the essential winter cleaning checklist for your office that you should start using today.

Wipe Down All Surfaces

It is no secret that surfaces collect unwanted debris over time. Whether from overuse or disuse, dust, microbes, coffee stains, and food residue build up, so be sure to start your winter off by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces. Wipe down your desk, chairs, bookshelves, tables, photo frames, printers, and more. Dust and disinfect everything around your office, especially spaces you usually ignore.

Clean Signage

One of the easiest items to neglect when cleaning are the signs around and outside your office. Though you design them for people to notice and read every day, how often do you actually wipe them down? Pay attention to your signs this winter and give them a quality cleaning. If you have high-tech signs, be sure to follow relevant tips for digital signage maintenance when cleaning to avoid any mishaps.

Check Air Quality

Another thing people often forget to check is their air quality. Winter is home to the flu season, and with COVID-19 still at large, you will want the cleanest air you can get. Check your air quality or hire a professional to assess it for you. This may include checking the vents, filters, and grates. You may also want to replace your air filter with a higher-quality one that can take out any bacteria floating in the air. This extra step will increase the cleanliness of your office and reduce the spread of disease.

Use this winter cleaning checklist for your office today! Schedule a time now for you and your team to clean your way into the colder months. With a clean office and uncluttered mind, you can finish the year off well and start the new year healthy and focused.

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