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Working with a Professional Office Organizer

For many people, hiring a professional office organizer is a much-needed step towards improved productivity. However, many individuals have never worked with a professional organizer before and aren’t sure what they should expect. We’ve discussed what a professional can do for you, but what does the process look like? Whether you hire this NYC Professional Office Organizer to help you to transition to a home office, prepare for an office move, or to improve office productivity, the process will follow this framework.

Step One: Assess Your Current Situation

When we start working together, we’ll begin by discussing your ultimate goals, identifying your obstacles, as well as discussing your organizing successes. Yes, your successes! As a successful business, there are aspects of your company that are already working well, and it’s important that we take that into account as we discuss the challenges. From there, we’ll create systems together that will address for your specific needs.

Step Two: Develop a Professional Office Organizing Game Plan

There are many facets to consider when creating an office organizing plan. It’s important that your plan touches on the specific needs of your business as we’ve discussed, but also that we create strategic systems that are designed specifically for your office space. No two offices are alike, so I take the time to really focus on the unique needs of your space. Another important piece is making sure that the system we create is set up for your learning style. As I manage your project and implement the solutions that address your challenges, I’ll guide you through the process so that you will be able to maintain the systems on your own.

Step Three: Provide Tune-Ups

When the project is completed, we aren’t done quite yet! I’ll follow-up periodically to offer additional guidance and answer any questions you may have. Systems may need to be tweaked which only becomes evident once they are put into practice. We’ll also schedule maintenance tune-ups at set intervals to be sure that your systems continue working effectively.

The office organizing process is not one-size-fits-all. I work with you and your specific situation to customize a solution that sets you and your business up for success. Reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer today and let’s discuss how I can help!

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