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4 Office Organizing Tips to Spring Clean Your Workspace

The sun is shining, the weather is getting warmer, and there’s finally some hope that spring is officially on the way. Which means one thing, of course… spring cleaning! Spring cleaning your office doesn’t only mean scrubbing down the walls and dusting those hard to reach shelves. This is the opportunity to purge your clutter and move forward in a productive way. Need some help to get started? Charge into spring cleaning mode with these 4 simple steps from this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

Make a commitment to get it done. We often look at spring cleaning as a chore, so much so that you aren’t excited about diving into organizing your office and might consider putting it off. Make it a priority and schedule it on your calendar. If you are really busy, block time at the end of the week when things are slowing down, or even consider coming in for a few hours on the weekend or staying late.

Decide where to start. Looking at an entire cluttered office is very daunting. Instead, break this project down into smaller Combat Zones. For example, consider your desk one space, your filing cabinet area another, etc. Another idea is to consider those areas or systems which have given you the most trouble over the last few months. Are you constantly losing papers? Do you struggle most days just to find a pen? Start with one of the trouble spots so that not only are you reorganizing your space, but you are also solving a problem.

Return what doesn’t belong. Oh that clutter, it keeps piling up, doesn’t it? Take a walk through your office with a box and collect everything that doesn’t belong in the space. Return that book to your coworker, take your lunch bag home, and return that box of promotional items to the storage closet. Once you remove all of the items that don’t belong, you’ll be able to tackle the real issues.

Be ruthless. Alright, here we go – it’s time for the big purge! This is the part of spring cleaning that will undoubtedly leave you refreshed and productive when all is said and done. Go through your office and get rid of everything that you no longer need or want. Old notes, broken pens, all of that can be thrown away. Items such as older computers and monitors can be recycled. Wall decorations and excess office supplies can be donated to various organizations. If an item doesn’t serve a purpose, then it has no place in your office. Period.

Once you make the commitment to office spring clean and actually take action, the immediate results will be amazing. Your productivity will increase and your overall mood will change in a positive way. For more decluttering and office organizing tips, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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