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5 Must-Do’s from Our Professional Organizer in NYC for a Fresh Start in 2014

signIt’s almost mid-January placing us well on our way into the New Year! Even if you’ve decided against setting any specific resolutions, you may be looking for ways to begin this year with a fresh perspective and on the right foot – getting ahead of yourself, instead of lagging behind. Our NYC Professional Organizer’s list of 5 must-do’s for a fresh start in 2014 will ensure you’re kicking off the year off with a bang, and moving in a fresh, forward direction:

1.       Clean the Clutter!

After the holidays, we’re all left with a sense of clutter, due to the new knick knacks and gadgets you may have acquired. Not to mention the loads of holiday cards, catalogs and gift wrap that have accumulated. If you don’t need it now, received a replacement for something, or were keeping it until the right time, it’s probably time to toss it! One of our favorite tips from our Professional Organizer in NYC this past year was for each new item, piece of clothing, etc. that comes into your home, an older, no longer needed item should be donated or discarded. Stick to these simple guidelines, and you and your home will feel fresh and ready to take on the New Year.

2.       Tackle Taxes Early!

That’s right – it may not be at the top of your current to-do list, but if you could set aside just a few minutes each week to gather necessary documents and receipts for tax purposes, you’ll be in good shape come April 15th! Think of how good you will feel to have a cleaned out and organized folder of papers, instead of a heaping mess to sift through at the last moment? Perhaps you’ll even identify some expenses you’ll be able to deduct that you hadn’t had time to consider in the past… Now, you’ll be saving time AND money, and getting ahead of one of the most dreadful tasks of the year. If you’re in need of serious help organizing paper clutter in order to prepare for tax season, reach out to us! Together we’ll create an easy to maintain filing system to make your life easy when the time comes to file your taxes.

3.       Command Center version 2014…

Our NYC Professional Organizer has shared this tip before, and it’s made it to our list of must-do’s again this year – it’s that important. Set up your family’s command center right away. Beginning with your family’s January activities and continuing through the end of December, create a calendar of items you already know about, notable dates, and special anniversaries. You certainly don’t want to double-book yourself, and this command center will ensure you won’t. Include areas in the family’s command center for important papers; both items to be filed, and items that require attention. Refer back to our post from this past October on setting up a command center for additional suggestions to address your family’s unique needs.

4.       Start Fresh with Finances

Take a moment to sit down and consider last year’s budget. Did you achieve your financial goals for 2013? Even if you did, it’s important to think about the changes this year may bring, and how they may affect you financially. Are you saving enough, and being a savvy spender? The it’s easy to get off track during the holidays, so now’s time to re-focus and even start saving for the holidays at the end of this year. A few moments spent analyzing your primary accounts and setting goals for this year will give you a sense of comfort going into the New Year.

5.       Complete One Organizing Task

Although you may see many areas that could use a bit of attention from an organizational standpoint, focus on just one for this early point in the year and get it done! Is your kitchen a total wreck after the havoc of the holidays? Is your closet bursting at the seams? Or, does your bathroom need some attention? Are you in serious need of help organizing the paper clutter in your home office? Choose one and focus on making this ONE space function at its best and you’ll have a newfound feeling of calm when walking into your home. Things will be more easily accessible, and you may have even created a bit of extra room for all the New Year will bring.

Tackle one task from this list of 5 must-do’s and when it is done choose a second.  Before you know it, you’ll have worked your way through the entire list. It’s amazing how accomplishing a few focused tasks will provide you and your family with the energy and fresh perspective it takes to begin a new year on the right foot! If our NYC Professional Organizer can offer a few custom tips on how you can start 2014 out in the right direction, please contact us today!

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