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Break the Too Busy Cycle

Being very busy in today’s work culture is sometimes seen as a sign of success. If you are feeling rundown after a day’s work, then you are doing a good job. But that doesn’t feel good, does it? If you aren’t happy, if you aren’t meeting deadlines, if you are struggling to find time to take a break…. is this really the sign of success? It’s important to note that being too busy can result in a lower quality output, lack of productivity, and overall frustration in the office. This NYC Professional Office Organizer is sharing strategies to help you break the cycle of being too busy and not having much to show for it.

You don’t always have to say “yes.” Being a team player is important at work, and it’s great that you want to say yes when asked to help with tasks and projects. Being asked to join a committee or being invited to a networking event can be flattering. When constantly saying “yes” suddenly leaves you with too little time to tackle your to-do list, then reconsidering your commitments is a must. Assess whether you have enough available time to satisfactorily complete all that’s on your plate – if not, then say no. Determine if that event will move you closer to your goals – if it’s a no, then say no. Be strategic.

Prioritize so you stop procrastinating. With a full to-do list and a busy calendar, looking at everything you need to accomplish can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. On top of this, you may be battling procrastination. Leave procrastinating behind by being strategic about your busy day. Do that task that you have been putting off first and check it off your list. You can also ease your way into that difficult task by spending a little time on easy tasks like making a couple of quick phone calls to long time colleagues before segueing to the more challenging one.

Use your calendar for everything. Don’t overbook yourself by only using your calendar for some things and not for the rest. Make it a habit of immediately adding any calls or meetings to your calendar as soon as they are scheduled. To make better use of your calendar and to allow it to help you be more efficient, set up some guidelines. For example, schedule all your group calls on Mondays and in house meetings on Thursdays. Figure out what works for you, set those rules, and then abide by them. You can also schedule in time to work on specific projects. If you have time blocked off on your calendar to complete project A, then you won’t schedule a call in the time block.

Avoid the too busy trap and you’ll be pleased with the results. Watch your to-do list get completed faster, your productivity increase, and your mood change! For more hands-on office organizing strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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