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Organizing Strategies to Create an Email Management System

Just like every other aspect of your office, the key to organizing your email is to have an organizing system in place. Instead of getting lost in the chaos that can be your inbox, check out these email management tips from your NYC Professional Office Organizer to help you get started. Create a schedule. Instead… Continue Reading »

Stop Using Your Email Inbox as a To-Do List!

One challenge you have probably faced in the office is how to manage the list of tasks that are sent to your inbox. With the rate and speed that email can pile up, it is incredibly easy to lose track of an important email and miss a necessary task. The key is to stop using… Continue Reading »

Ask a Professional Office Organizer – Email Overwhelm

Email overwhelm – everyone has experienced it at one point or another. Between client emails, newsletter subscriptions, team communications, and so much more, it’s no wonder so many people get stuck in their inboxes. This month your NYC Professional Office Organizer answers your email management questions so that you can get out of your inbox… Continue Reading »

Spend Less Time in Your Inbox by Writing Clear and Concise Emails

If you are like other small business owners and entrepreneurs, then you probably spend way too much time sorting and responding to emails at work. But as our primary source of communication in this computer age, do we have much of a choice? That’s where this NYC Professional Office Organizer comes in – your first… Continue Reading »

Tech Tools to Organize Your Email Inbox Today

Juggling all of the emails and tasks on any given workday is no small feat. Utilizing some of the many tech tools on the market that are designed to simplify your life are beneficial for all businesses. You can use tech tools to organize, to automate, and to increase efficiency and productivity in the office…. Continue Reading »

Email Management Tips to Ditch Overload

Email overload is a problem in the workplace as it directly affects productivity. The McKinsey Global Institute found in 2016 that an average employee spends 28% of their work week reading and responding to email, which is approximately 13 hours a week. Spending over a quarter of your work week reading and responding to emails… Continue Reading »