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Tackling an Office Move – Part 2: General Office Clean Out

This first phase of an office move is preparation. The second phase is a general office clean out. Before you can start packing, there are steps to take to make the packing process go smoother and easier to organize. By devoting time to cleaning out the excess that has collected, you’ll ultimately save yourself and… Continue Reading »

Overcoming ADHD Challenges During an Office Move

Preparing for an office move is sometimes overwhelming and often complex. When you are living with ADHD, an office move can be even more challenging. By implementing office organizing strategies that keep you on schedule and focused, you can manage your ADHD and get your moving goals accomplished. Here are some simple office moving strategies… Continue Reading »

Tackling an Office Move – Part 1: Preparation

Preparing for an office move is a daunting project with many moving pieces – no pun intended! Before you can tackle a project of this size, you must take the time to prepare. This NYC Professional Office Organizer is sharing the office move project plan in four parts, this week focusing on that first step… Continue Reading »

Streamline Your Office Move By Donating and Recycling Clutter

Moving into a new office is a chance for a fresh start and the last thing you need is to be immediately bogged down by clutter! So, what do you do with all that extra STUFF? You can donate or recycle the items in your workspace that you no longer use, that are broken, and… Continue Reading »

Office Move Apps to Keep You Organized

As you prepare and plan for your office move, you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the details and tasks that need to be accomplished to make sure the move goes smoothly. Make sure to utilize this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s office move checklist to support you, and you can also check out some of… Continue Reading »

Go Green With Your Office Move

As a result of an office move, there’s a new workspace, boxes of office supplies and files, moving plans and checklists, and inevitably, waste. An office move is not the time to worry about your carbon footprint, right? Wrong! This is an ideal time for action and to get involved in preserving and protecting the… Continue Reading »