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Decluttering Tips for Your Office Space and Your Business


man at messy deskClutter keeps you inefficient and overwhelmed, and clutter in your office space and inside your business is no exception! It’s hard to maintain a level of productivity when you spend a lot of your time weeding through the clutter on your desk to find what you need. This Professional Organizer in NYC is sharing tips to help you declutter both your office space and your business so that you can boost your energy, creativity, and productivity!

Walking into your office every day should make you feel inspired and ready to get down to work. However, if your office is overflowing with clutter, you might feel anxious and have a hard time focusing on the tasks you need to accomplish. With a few office decluttering tips, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the clutter and creating a more efficient workspace. One such tip is to create a system to rid your desk of the piles of paper that have accumulated. Creating a filing system so that each document has a space to call home will make it easier for you to quickly sort out paper. Instead of saving everything, make sure you use a critical eye and recycle, shred, or throw away anything you no longer need. For more office decluttering tips, you can check them out here.

Your workspace is not the only area of your business that could benefit from a decluttering session. You need to take a good long look at the inner workings of your business and clean up what is no longer needed. For example, have you taken a look at your social media networks recently? Take some time to comb through each social media account and update your bios, about sections, and taglines as needed. Each site changes their policies and procedures regularly, so making an effort to make sure your pictures meet the most recent sizing requirements and that you are in compliance with any new changes. You also can go through and remove friends or followers that don’t fit with you or your business, and it’s also a great time to evaluate if you need to still be present on each social media platform. If you can free up time by dropping a site that doesn’t truly help to grow your business, that’s time you can use for more important tasks. For more business decluttering tips, read more here.

Often when we think of taking on a decluttering project, we think of a closet or room at home, not our office or business. The reality is that your office and business can collect clutter, too! By taking the time to create systems and dive into decluttering, your business will only benefit! Decluttering frees up space, saves you time, and can increase your bottom line because of your boost in productivity. Take this advice from the Professional Organizer in NYC and declutter your office and business today!

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