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Digital Office Organizing Tips

Technology is growing and changing at a rapid pace, and there are new tools and programs for office organizing available every day. Smart phones and tablets allow you to take your office with you, and tech tools allow you to stay organized and connected no matter where you are. There are many categories of tech tools on the market, and here are this Professional Organizer in NYC’s must haves.

Calendars. Though you may prefer to keep a written calendar of your activities, a digital calendar has several benefits. Calendar apps can be synced to your computer, phone, or any other device you are using so that you can quickly see what is on your schedule. These apps also send notifications to your device so that you are always on time for meetings and appointments. Some calendar apps even allow you to share calendars between coworkers so that you can schedule appointments together for specific projects. Try Google Calendar or iCal which comes standard on Apple devices.

Storage tools. This is a must have because the ability to store documents and files in an online cloud storage system is important. The benefits of using online storage is that you can then access those files anywhere – work, home, while you travel. Long gone are the days of needing to head to the office late at night to pull up a necessary document on your computer hard drive. Now you can just use the cloud from any computer or mobile device. This Professional Organizer in NYC’s favorite options are Google Drive or Dropbox.

Project management tools. When working with a team, you may work with some people in your office, but you may also be working with someone virtually. This must have tool allows you to keep your projects and tasks organized and in one place so that multiple team members can access all of the information at any time. Most PM systems even offer mobile apps so that you can work on the go. There are many PM tools on the market, so it’s best to look around and find a tool that fits your needs and the needs of your team. Two well liked systems include Trello and Asana.

Taking notes. Nothing is worse than having a great idea while you are out on a walk, but not being able to pull out a pen and jot it down before you forget. There are digital tools that you can use on your computer as well as mobile which would allow you to take notes and share them with others if you choose. Google Drive offers great blank space to create. Another must have is Evernote. Evernote is great because it also allows you to store images, receipts, links, documents, and all kinds of information. It also allows you to easily search with keywords to help you locate your note.

Passwords. In order to keep your emails, computers, and accounts safe, passwords need to be much longer and more complicated these days. Remembering every long password made up of multiple letters and numbers is complicated. Instead, try an app like Last Pass so that you can easily access your passwords as you need them.

As with other tech tools, you need to test them and figure out what works best for you and your business. Utilizing tech tools to help with office organizing is needed these days, and will increase your productivity as you will be able to access documents and projects whenever necessary. This Professional Organizer in NYC uses tech tools to keep organized and efficient. When you need more hands on strategies, you can reach us here.

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