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Disaster Preparedness Tips for the Office


disaster_plan-courtesy-intuitAs we all know, there is never an opportune time for disaster to strike. As we take steps to prepare for disaster, we need to look at all aspects, including preparing in the workplace. It can be tempting to grow nervous thinking about a disaster happening while you are in the office. That is exactly why preparing a plan today, when an emergency is not occurring, is so very important. Mapping out steps to take and making sure supplies have been stored will give you a sense of control in the face of an emergency that you wouldn’t have otherwise. This Professional Organizer in NYC wants you to be prepared if a disaster happens while you are in the office.

First, you need to have a plan in place for your office. Since a disaster can strike at any time, it’s important to create a plan now while you have a clear head and can think through the implications. Trying to take care of your staff in the heat of the moment while your emotions are high is not an easy task, so having a plan in place that has been shared with your entire office so that each person knows exactly what to do is important. A key piece of the plan is to create an office kit in case you are told to “shelter in place.” Items to keep on hand include a supply of water, a first aid kit, a battery-powered radio, and flashlights. For more items to include in your supply kit and steps to take to prepare as an office, read here.

Next, knowing that a disaster could happen while you are at work and away from your family, you need to have a plan in place with your loved ones. One of the scariest parts of dealing with an emergency is not being close to the people you care about and wondering if they are okay. If you have a family plan in place so that each person knows what to do while you are at work, you’ll feel more in control in the heat of the moment. Within your plan, make sure you include two meeting places with your loved ones. As we’ve learned here in NYC, one part of town may need to be evacuated in an emergency. That area may include your home or the agreed upon meeting place. Having a backup location decided upon with your loved ones will save you time and worry as you’ll each know where to meet. For more tips on preparing a plan with your loved ones if a disaster occurs while you are at work, click here.

Creating a disaster preparedness plan may not be a comfortable task. But this Professional Organizer in NYC urges you to take the time to get organized and prepare now. Facing a disaster can be terrifying and overwhelming, but with a well thought out plan in place, you’ll be prepared and know what to do without having to figure it out as you go. This will help you keep a level head and make the best decisions for you, your office staff, and your loved ones.

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