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Filing Products to Organize Office Paperwork

Creating a filing system is an important part of keeping paperwork organized in your office. No matter what type of system you create, a key piece is utilizing the right storage and tools to get the job done. As you move forward with organizing the paperwork in your workspace, check out these filing options compiled by your NYC Professional Office Organizer. Which one of these will work best for your filing needs?

Traditional filing options. If you have the space in your office for a traditional filing cabinet, that option is still the best approach. With ample space for your needs, you can choose filing cabinets that offer one or even up to five or six filing drawers. Depending on the available space and layout of the rest of your office furniture, a basic vertical cabinet like this one from Lorell or a lateral cabinet like this one from WorkPro could work for you.

Rolling filing cabinets. If you work in multiple spaces inside your office where you may need to bring files with you or just need a place to store all the information for an ongoing large project, a rolling filing cabinet is a great choice. This option from Calico Designs or this easy to access version from Safco that doesn’t include drawers could work for you.

Multi-function units. For both a more decorative look as well as a multi-purpose approach, you can utilize a filing cabinet that is built into a unit that provides other type of storage capabilities. Here’s a great example – this filing cabinet from Tribesigns also includes open shelving along with the file cabinet. This small file cabinet could also be used as a printer stand and has a shelf for storing printer paper.

Filing for small spaces. If space is an issue, then there are options that can work for your smaller space. This mobile filing ottoman can serve as seating in your small space or home office and also store your files. You can also try a slim filing cabinet like this one from Varidesk that can fit under your desktop and can be easily rolled.

Filing supplies. Keep your filing labels uniform by using a label maker like this one from Brother to print out your labels. Create a system using colored folders to help make it easier to identify the contents of the folder at a glance. Try these fasteners to help keep your files secure inside of the file folder. Affixing additional tabs to your folders also helps to quickly identify the contents.

Choose the best filing products for your space to help better organize paperwork in your office. For more paperwork and office organizing strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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