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File Naming Conventions Keep Paperwork Organized

Have you ever spent valuable time searching through files trying to find the one document that you need? The key to improving productivity and organizing paperwork in your office is to create file naming conventions that work specifically for your needs. A file naming convention is the system you use for naming your files in… Continue Reading »

Filing Products to Organize Office Paperwork

Creating a filing system is an important part of keeping paperwork organized in your office. No matter what type of system you create, a key piece is utilizing the right storage and tools to get the job done. As you move forward with organizing the paperwork in your workspace, check out these filing options compiled… Continue Reading »

Tips for Organizing Paperwork at Year’s End

Do you know what to do with your files from last year? Not everything needs to be saved, and the files are probably taking up valuable real estate in your office. Instead of putting new 2017 files into an already overflowing filing cabinet, follow this Professional Organizer in NYC’s tips for organizing paperwork from the… Continue Reading »

Quick Filing Tips From the Professional Organizer in NYC

Let’s talk about filing. Even if your incoming paper management system is organized and efficient, if you don’t have a clear filing system in place, you will struggle with finding documents when you need them. After a document is filed away it’s easy to forget where you may have stored it. Without a clearly labeled system, you’ll find… Continue Reading »