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Getting Your Home Organized To Move

Manage papers I have recently started working with an elderly client who will be downsizing and moving from a very large 2 bedroom apartment into a 1 bedroom apartment in the next couple of months.  As she has lived in her current home for over 60 years, the thought of moving is a very daunting one.  Not only is she dealing with the emotional issues related to making this change but is also facing the seemingly endless list of questions concerning what to do and how to do it.

As I recognize the challenges that this project poses for my client, I am trying to do all in my power to make the process less overwhelming for her. I am dividing this project into a series of small tasks, keeping the focus of our sessions very specific and guiding her through the decision making process.  In addition, as my client needs to be an active participant in this process, it is important that her energy level is high so we are taking regular snack breaks.

During our 2 meetings this week, we have:

  1. De-cluttered a small guest room.
  2. Sorted 12 boxes of files and started a “to shred” pile.
  3. Set up temporary file storage for all paperwork that needs to be kept.

We are off to a good start. My client is making quick decisions and has a very good attitude towards this project. In fact, she told me that she was having fun working with me!

I will periodically share our progress as there will be many valuable organizing tips to be shared as we work our way through her home preparing for the move.

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