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Give the Gift of Organization! Soaking in the Scents of the Season!

relaxbathYour NYC Professional Organizer lives to create order out of chaos.  Whether it is organizing an office, a move, or the extension cords under your desk, your NYC Professional Organizer is here to inspire and help you and all my clients and readers to a clutter-free, stress-free existence.  But even I know that one cannot be working, organizing, or decluttering all the time.  Rejuvenating oneself, and giving oneself time to relax is a vital part of the process of making your life manageable and enjoyable.  So for my final blog of the year, I am going to suggest some lovely bath items to encourage you to give yourself, or your friend or loved one, some relaxing and restorative “me” time.

That being said, a little organization of the bathroom will make relaxation so much nicer (you didn’t think I wouldn’t give ANY home organizing tips, did you?).  Some simple items can make a big difference.   Small, individual drawer organizers for make-up are great to keep various items separated and accessible.  Bathtub and shower caddies get the shampoos, conditioners, wash cloths, and soaps off the corners of your tub.  A lovely bath accessory set can spruce up the look of a bathroom.  Add a new shower curtain and some coordinated towels.  A medium-sized basket can hold extra rolls of bathroom tissue, so there’s never a worry of running out.

Now that the bathroom is looking fabulous, here are some items that would be a welcomed gift for just about anyone.   Sudsy Sweet Treats calls itself a “Bath Bakery.”  They cook up artisanal and adorable handmade soaps in imaginative and delicious shapes, such as cupcake soaps, bee soaps, pony soaps, and the like.  Rinse Bath & Body Co. specializes in essential oils, soaps, aromatherapy shower bombs, foot polish, sugar and salt body scrubs.  For the vegan in your life, there is VC Bath and Body Treats. They offer hand-made vegan soaps, oils, laundry detergent, and soy candles.  If you would prefer to do your shopping offline, local farmers’ markets often have artisanal soap makers.  Health food stores also stock natural soaps and bath products.

To complete the perfect bath set, and for a unique gift, check out The Luffa Farm.  This loofah farm is located about 10 miles south of Pismo Beach in California’s Central Coast.  They grow and sell these exfoliating natural sponges, plus they offer essential oils, bath salts, bath teas, and other rejuvenating bath accessories.

So  your NYC Professional Organizer urges you to make sure you schedule some time to be good to yourself this holiday season.  Let the spirit of giving include you as well.  You deserve it.

And, to all my readers and clients, past, present, and future — my very best wishes for a Happy Holiday and Joyful New Year, and here’s to an amazing, awesome, and ORGANIZED 2015!

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