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Donate Shoes After Organizing Closets In NYC

Organizing closet shoesI am very excited about participating in the NAPO Challenge and wanted to share this information with you as well as to ask for your help.  I would like your unwanted shoes!  This is the perfect reason to start organizing the closets in your NYC home.

NAPO has partnered with Soles4Souls, a Nashville based charity, which provides shoes to those less fortunate men, women and children around the globe who desperately need them. As a participant in this event, I am requesting that you begin organizing the closets in your NYC home, gathering together your unwanted shoes and either give them to me for shipment to Soles4Souls or ship them yourself.

Not only is this a great opportunity to help those in need, but it also will help the environment as any shoes that can no longer be worn will be recycled.  Here’s all of the information that you need to know prior to gathering up your shoes.

1.  All sneakers, casual and dress shoes, heels, sandals, work boots, cleats, flip flops and dance shoes will be accepted.

2.  Shoes can be gently worn, new or in total disrepair.

3.  Single shoes are welcome as they will be matched up with a similar style lone shoe to make a pair.

4.  Muddy or moldy shoes should not be donated.

5.  Shoes should be banded or tied together in pairs prior to being placed in a bag or box.

6.  If you are unable to get the shoes to me, they can be shipped to one of Soles4Souls warehouses.  Here’s a list of their locations.

7.  If you would like a tax receipt, visit the Soles4Souls website and download a copy for your records.

8.  I will be collecting shoes through December 31, 2011.

If you could take a moment over the coming months to start organizing your NYC closets by sorting your shoes and collect those that are in disrepair or simply no longer in style, you can be assured that your shoes will be truly appreciated by the fortunate recipients.

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