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How to Organize Electronics in Your Home Office

In today’s world, many people find themselves running a business from home or working for a company that allows telecommuting. This means that your home office is taking on more of a business purpose than just keeping your household bills and files organized. Working from home requires technology, and in order to stay efficient and productive, this technology needs to be organized! Because of the cost of needed electronics, keeping them organized is a must. Here are a few home office organizing ideas from your Professional Organizer in NYC to help you organize your electronics.

First, let’s take a look at how you set up your office. Depending on your type of business, you are bound to have a variety of equipment that needs to be set up. A desktop computer, monitor, printer, fax machine, scanner, and perhaps other equipment need to be organized in an efficient manner that makes sense. Investing in a desk and shelving with adequate storage space is a necessity. Remember to keep electronics off the floor where they are more likely to get tipped over and damaged, and could become fire hazards. Decide which equipment needs to stay on your desk and what can be housed on shelves. Consider shelving with cabinet doors so that you can hide gear for a neater look, but still access them easily. Another problem with the variety of electronics needed to keep a home office running are the abundance of cords required. I’ve shared about this topic before, so get some great home office organizing ideas over here!

Beyond your standard office equipment, you also have a variety of mobile devices that need to be stored. Create a charging station for your smaller devices, such as cell phones, mp3 players, or tablets. Have all chargers labeled and in one location. Having a space for your small electronics means you’ll always know where they are. Keeping them all in one spot also frees up other areas of your home from unnecessary clutter!

As is common in home offices, don’t allow your space to become the landing place for other electronic items. CDs, DVDs, gaming systems, and other electronics can be stored in other areas of your home, ideally where they are most used. Another home office organizing idea that needs to be addressed – don’t store electronics that you no longer use! We all have a collection of old cell phones and palm pilots that have long since stopped working. You may even have an old printer or computer that you’ve since upgraded. Don’t let these old devices add clutter to your space – donate, recycle, or dispose of them appropriately.

The key to organizing home electronics is the same as it is for any organizing project – every item needs to have a space. Keeping like items together and getting rid of items that no longer serve a purpose will clear up space and decrease clutter. This Professional Organizer in NYC wants you to have a streamlined, organized home office, and getting your electronics organized is the first step!

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