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8 Digital Apps for Office Organizing

Staying productive and efficient in your office space is extremely important. Thanks to technology, office organizing can now take on a whole new look! Here are some of this Professional Organizer in NYC’s favorite digital apps to help improve your productivity and keep your office organized. 1. Wunderlist. This powerful to-do list lets you create multiple to-do lists, share… Continue Reading »

5 Tech Organizing Tips for Your Small Business

In a competitive business world, technology can play a huge part in your success. To keep your business running smoothly and effectively, check out these tech organizing tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC. Shine up your website. Your website is often the first introduction a potential customer or client has to you and your… Continue Reading »

Tips to Organize Tech During an Office Move

Coordinating all the moving parts of an office move can be stressful. In most cases, companies don’t want to or plan to spend a lot of down time while moving. This means that creating a seamless transition from the old office to the new is necessary. One of the most important factors in an office move is technology…. Continue Reading »

How to Organize Electronics in Your Home Office

In today’s world, many people find themselves running a business from home or working for a company that allows telecommuting. This means that your home office is taking on more of a business purpose than just keeping your household bills and files organized. Working from home requires technology, and in order to stay efficient and productive, this technology… Continue Reading »