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Improve Work Productivity With These Gadgets

Staying productive at work amidst the multitude of distractions can be challenging. By utilizing some of the currently available office organizing products designed to help improve productivity, you can be more focused and get tasks checked off your list. Here are suggestions from this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s to help increase your productivity at work.

Saent. This small device is designed to use technology to increase productivity at work. By using the app that comes along with the Saent, you are able to set goals for projects and when you click the device, it automatically blocks other sites that you’ve deemed distracting and starts a timer. This product uses the principles of the Pomodoro Technique, and when the timer goes off, the Saent calculates how long you should take a break. And another perk to this product – when it’s lit up, your coworkers will know that you are not to be disturbed.

Fellowes Foot Cushion. If you’ve ever had to stop working because of back pain, then this product is for you. The foot cushion provides a soft place for your feet while working at your desk and elevates your feet and legs to a more comfortable position. The foot cushion helps to reduce leg pressure and lower back tension, allowing you to remain focused on work.

Noise Cancelling Headphones. Need to focus? Put on these headphones and tune out the distractions in your office. You can listen to music to help stay on task. In addition, the noise cancelling abilities help cover up the sounds in your space. A benefit to this pair of headphones is that they are also wireless and utilize bluetooth technology so you can move freely in your office while still using the headphones.

Fidgi Pen. If focusing is an issue for you and you often catch yourself chewing pen caps or tapping your fingers on the desk, this pen is for you. With the same concept as the popular fidget spinners, this working pen has 7 fidget features to help you focus your energy and get back to work.

Stay productive at work with the support of these office organizing products. Want to know how productive you are in your workspace? Take the free productivity assessment from your NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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