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NYC Professional Office Organizer Case Study – Organizing Paperwork in a Home Office

If you work from home, then you have probably struggled with organizing paperwork in your space. Keeping your business files, bills, receipts, business cards, and other important documents organized and easy to access has proven to be challenging for many people. This NYC Professional Office Organizer was called into rescue a client from her paperwork chaos and create an organized system that would work for her and that she could easily maintain.


My client runs her Public Relations firm from a small home office located in her apartment. While there is adequate space to do to do what she needs to do, the office was cluttered and disorganized, with piles of paper clutter invading her workspace and negatively impacting her productivity. She enlisted my help to identify ways to more efficiently use the space in her office and to create systems for managing paperwork.


There were several areas of this home office that needed strategic help. The bookcase and storage shelf were cluttered and not being used efficiently. There were business cards collecting on the desk and not being added to the already established binder. There wasn’t a system for tracking business expenses, so there were piles of receipts and contracts collecting in different areas in the space. Files were set up but there wasn’t a clear-cut designation for the categories assigned to each file cabinet drawer. I created a strategic plan to tackle the clutter, organize the business cards and receipts, and create a working filing system that my client could easily follow.


The shelves were de-cluttered and areas were designated for specific items with clear labels to avoid future clutter. I created a system for tracking business expenses and receipts which includes a specific location to collect the necessary paperwork so there is no more guessing. Business cards were organized in the binder and a process developed for filing new cards as they are collected. I identified the major filing categories and assigned them to specific drawers, creating a clearly labeled system that was easy to follow. We also created an incoming paperwork system and schedule for filing so that the piles wouldn’t re-appear.


“As my business began to grow, my old methods of organization weren’t enough to keep pace. I was falling into overwhelm nearly every day. Stephanie Shalofsky of The Organizing Zone showed up in my life at the perfect time. I needed to let go of a lot of physical and digital clutter, and having a coach who left with me with homework assignments to be completed by our next meeting stepped up the urgency and added momentum to the process. Stephanie was the perfect coach throughout the process – very focused and non-judgmental. I am certain that on my own I would never have been able to weed through the clutter and find new ways to prioritize and organize what was left. Stephanie’s help was essential. I am now able to work with much greater ease and flow. My mind is clear and focused. Phew!”

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