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NYC Professional Office Organizer Case Study – Organizing Supply Closets

As we assess our organizing systems in the new year, one challenge that is top of the list for many businesses is keeping their supply closets organized. The closets get quickly cluttered but there never seems to be time to reorganize them. Imagine starting your year off with a completely organized office space, including the closets. Check out this project that this NYC Professional Office Organizer completed which included organizing 3 supply cabinets plus the added challenge of prepping them for an office move.


This PR and event agency’s move date was scheduled for the end of the month and almost all plans were in place for their move to larger quarters. In preparing to move, they decided that their 3 supply storage cabinets needed an overhaul. They were cluttered with assorted essential and non-essential supplies. These items were randomly positioned in the cabinets making it difficult to locate them when needed. Lastly, the storage containers that were being used weren’t the most functional and didn’t fit with the Co-Chairman’s vision.


My strategy for re-organizing the supply cabinets included both organizing the supplies and determining their location in the cabinets in the new office which had a totally different layout. After a round of decluttering and re-organizing to group items that were used together, new storage containers were recommended that would be both visually appealing and functional. The next phase of the process focused on transferring the supplies to their new containers, assigning them a specific location in the cabinets in the new office and staging them to be moved. The mover was responsible for not only packing and moving the supplies but also making sure that they ended up in the correct shelves in the new location.


The time I spent on the detailed planning of the layout for each cabinet and staging of the supplies was key to achieving the project objective. The movers were able to quickly unpack and place the supplies in their new home. With a representation of all supplies easily accessible and the respective overstock stored nearby, the staff could quickly locate supplies as needed. The new storage containers were visually pleasing and clearly labeled making replenishing supplies a much easier task.


“My PR and events agency needed a pro to re-organize our supply and shipping areas in our new offices. Stephanie proved to be above and beyond expectations. She approached the job calmly and logically and balanced function and aesthetic perfectly.” – Co- Chairman

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