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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Best Strategies for Organizing Paperwork

Paper, paper, paper – it’s everywhere in an office! Piled on your desk, on top of the filing cabinet, on every surface in your office. When you don’t have clear paper organizing processes in place, valuable work time is spent searching through papers looking for documents and missing important deadlines. This NYC Professional Office Organizer has helped many small businesses organize their office paperwork and I’m sharing my best strategies with you!

If you want to get ahead of the paper clutter, then you need to equip yourself and your office with the proper tools to get the job done. With so many options available for trays or file storage, you can get creative and find items that are suited to your specific needs, individual space and design aesthetic. For ideas on my favorite must-have items, read this blog.

Have you thought about going paperless in your office? It’s a big shift and can feel daunting, especially when you calculate how much paper your office uses each year. Shifting towards a paperless office doesn’t have to be all or nothing, so don’t get overwhelmed with figuring it all out immediately. First, you need to create a plan to manage the project, including creating new processes for old office standards. Read my strategies for making the shift towards a paperless office.

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