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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Favorite Cloud Storage Tools

Do you use Cloud storage in your business? The benefits of this technology are numerous as are the programs and applications on the market. When it comes to office organizing, being able to store and backup your files as well as sharing and collaborating with your team is important. Here are this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s favorites.

SugarSync. This program serves multiple purposes and has a folder syncing option. When you upload files from your computer, they are automatically stored using the same filing system as on your hard drive. No need to recreate the wheel or set up a new filing system, which is a huge perk! With real time updates possible from any device, your files will automatically be updated on all of your devices. There is a free trial for 30 days so that you can test the waters before signing on for a paid account.

Box. A key component of this program is the collaboration feature. Files can be securely shared and can also be edited, created, and reviewed in real time with your team. Box stresses an importance on security in backing up your files, which is important for all businesses. Box also allows you to connect the program with other tools you may use regularly, such as Slack or Salesforce. There is a two week free trial and then options for individuals and businesses within the paid version.

Carbonite. This program is used to backup your files so they are securely stored in a location separate from your hard drive. With a simple installation, you can schedule automatic daily backups. It also provides access to your files on any device, with the added perk of a restoration feature. If something happens to your laptop, you can instantly restore files that had been automatically stored on Carbonite. Unlimited cloud storage is included in all of their packages which have annual renewal fees.

Google Drive. The major advantage to this service is that it’s free. Google Drive allows you to connect and use all of the Google Apps including Docs, Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint. Team collaboration is easy with sharing tools, space for comments and notes, and assigning tasks within documents. You can also upload your files directly to Google Drive. For a minimal monthly fee, you can upgrade your entire team and take advantage of all that Google offers for businesses.

Dropbox. This is the office organizing tool that this NYC Professional Office Organizer uses. You can setup automated syncing, and can access your files from any device. Another great feature in Dropbox is that it provides offline access. Your files are available anytime, anywhere, even without Internet access. You can create and edit files inside Dropbox, which makes it a great tool for collaboration and sharing. There is a free version as well as upgrades for additional storage space and features.

In this technological age, Cloud storage and collaboration is essential in business. How you use the Cloud will be specific to your business needs, but should ultimately consist of backup storage for your hard drive, and can include file sharing and collaboration among your team. For more digital office organizing tips and strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer today!

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