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NYC Professional Organizer Strategies for Surviving the Actual Move

Its the final week before the movers arrive. You’ve organized, purged, and prepared for  moving-daythe inevitable upheaval that moving brings. Your NYC Professional Organizer says that now is the time to prepare your “Survival Kit.” These are the items that you will take with you, rather than putting on the moving truck, to ease your entry into your new place with as little stress as possible.


Keep all your important paperwork with you, including relevant receipts, mover’s contract, your new lease or deed, important family documents (passports, birth certificates, wills, etc.), and insurance papers. This is a crucial paper organizing tip; the last thing you want is to have the contact information for your movers buried at the bottom of a box that you don’t end up unpacking for months. Bring the cords and cables you will need to set up your computers upon arrival, and the rechargers for all you various devices. Back up your computers before you go on an external hard drive (and take it with you) and, if possible, to the cloud using a solution like Dropbox for all documents.


In the last weeks before your move, try to “clean” the fridge and pantry by cooking your way through what you have. Focus first on what’s fresh and opened, and then try to get through the canned goods so that you will have less to move. You can also give away canned goods to friends or charity. House plants usually do not fare well when moved, so try to give those to friends and neighbors as well, or perhaps your local school or nursing facility.

Personal Items:

Pack a suitcase with sleepwear and a change of clothing for all family members and put it in your car. Include medication, toiletries, family heirlooms and items of sentimental value that cannot be replaced, such as photographs, and jewelry and other items of similar value. In addition, pack sheets, blankets, pillows and towels for your first night in your new home in one box and move that yourself. This way you don’t have to worry about digging those items out of boxes for the first night. If you have young children, also having their favorite stuffed animals in this box will make it easier for them to fall asleep in their new bedroom. Lastly, be sure to have a couple of flashlights as well as a small tool kit on hand to deal with any unexpected power loss or hardware malfunctions (not the computer kind!).

Moving week is bound to be hectic, but your thorough preparation and these tips from our NYC Professional Organizer will reduce the stress and the chance of moving mishaps, and help you feel settled sooner in your new abode.


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