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Office Organizing Tips Include Your Online Bookmarks

If you are like most of us, the handy bookmark feature has been your best friend over the years. You have been saving links to websites, blog posts, and videos for future reference as they may be relevant to your business or until you have time to read/review them. It probably takes you way too long to find a specific link that you know was saved. You have one long cluttered list with no real organized system in place. This NYC Professional Office Organizer has the same challenge and is sharing her favorite office organizing tips to manage the chaos.

Create a folder system. Much like your computer filing system or your email filing system, your bookmarks need files, too! Creating folders by topic, such as a folder for financial services, another folder for business services, or perhaps a folder for vendors. Pick topics that work for you and the types of bookmarks you save. When you find a site you want to bookmark, make sure you put it in the appropriate folder.

Organize your bookmark bar. The bookmark bar should be saved exclusively for the bookmarks that you are using every day, such as an email client or an office intranet. You can also utilize this section of your browser for your most used bookmark folders. Save space by changing the name of the bookmarks to shorter versions, or better yet, follow the settings in your bookmark manager to switch them to easily recognizable favicons.

Get rid of links that no longer work or duplicate links. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through each link one by one! There are tools designed to help you determine which links are no longer working, and which links might be duplicates inside your bookmark manager. You can try AM-Deadlink or try an add-on extension for your specific browser, such as Fast Bookmark Scanner for Chrome.

Sync with your browser. You may have saved several bookmarks that you use regularly on your desktop browser at the office, but you also need to access them on your laptop from home, too. The simple solution is to sync your bookmarks with your browser. Chrome allows you to sync simply by signing into your Google account. Firefox uses Firefox Sync to synchronize bookmarks, and Safari uses iCloud. Check out the settings in your browser of choice.

You can use these tips as you move forward to simplify your bookmarks. In order to get your bookmarks re-organized, schedule 10 minutes a day a few times a week to dive in and sort through as many links as you can in that timeframe. Delete links you no longer need, and move the ones you want to save to folders.

Before you know it, your bookmarks will be organized, easy to navigate and no more time will be wasted searching for a specific site! For more office organizing tips and strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer!

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