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Organizing Holiday Gifts To Help You Get Organized, Be Safe, Go Green

Get organized with organizing holiday giftsWhether or not you have joined the droves of shoppers this past weekend who have started (or maybe even completed) their holiday shopping, there is always that last minute grab bag gift or stocking stuffer that is needed.  As you get organized, focusing on what to buy is sometimes more time consuming than actually shopping for the gift.  Hence, I wanted to share some suggestions for organizing holiday gifts with you in the hope that I can save you a little time during this extremely hectic time of year.  Below are some unique holiday organizing gifts from this year’s stocking stuffer collection featured in The Container Store’s catalog.

Our NYC Professional Organizer’s suggestions for organizing holiday gifts will help you get organized, be green and safe this holiday season.

Page Pockets/Pen Loop –  Here are two great accessories for organizing your calendar or journal.  The Page Pockets are a great solution for containing those loose papers and cards that are stuck in journals and calendars for safe keeping but can’t be found when they are needed.  The pockets can be easily attached to the inside or back covers and provide a home for notes, business cards or invitations. Once the Pen Loop has been attached, there will always be a pen at hand when it’s time for that day’s journal entry.

Spotlit LED Carabiner Light –  With the shortened daylight hours, it’s very difficult to get home from work, school or exercising before dark.  This light makes it easy to spot joggers, children heading home from after school activities or dogs and their owners out for an evening walk.  The LED light can be easily clipped on to a zipper pull, backpack, or leash and has two different settings.

Phone Bunjee –  As many handbags and totes are overstuffed, answering your cell phone in time can be challenging.  With the Phone Bunjee, your phone will be always be in the same place in your bag so there should be fewer missed calls.  A silicone band fits around your phone and is tethered to a clip which can be attached to a strap or zipper in your bag.

ID Stamp Roller –  Protecting your personal information can take only seconds and keep your personal information safe which can ultimately save many hours of your time.  The ID Stamp Roller masks address information, account numbers and other personal data with a unique pattern that makes it unreadable.  This self-inking stamp can be used to conceal key information prior to recycling it. In some cases it can be an alternative to shredding.

Reusable produce bags –  Here’s another way to do your part for the environment when doing your weekly food shopping. These Reusable Produce Bags can be used in place of the plastic bags found in the produce department of your supermarket.  These mesh bags can not only be used to transport fruits and vegetables from the store but to also store them in your refrigerator.  Once empty, keep the Produce Bags with your reusable shopping bags so that you’ll be ready when it’s time to stock up again.

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