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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Desk Drawer Organizing Tips

Let’s be honest – are the drawers in your desk organized? Can you easily pull open a drawer and find exactly what you are looking for? Or do you need to shuffle through items looking for a stray paper clip or a lost pen? Don’t let your desk drawers become like the infamous junk drawer you may have at home – a deep cave of lost items and disorganization. Instead, here are this Professional Organizer in NYC’s top tips to keeping your desk drawers organized.

Declutter the drawers. Before you even decide the storage location for each item, organize all the items that are currently using up drawer space. Start with the small office supplies. Throw out anything broken, out of ink, or that you no longer use (and recycle when you can!). Any items that don’t need to be in your immediate reach can be relocated to another spot in your office. Next, group like items together based on function and size.

Assign a purpose to each drawer. Think of your drawers in order of importance. The most important items should be stored at the top. Store your most used items in the drawer nearest your dominant hand so it’s easy to grab what you need and keep working. Bigger drawers towards the bottom of your desk can work for storing action files and research files that you use regularly.

Get the right storage. Just assigning a specific drawer isn’t enough. If you decide your top drawer is for office supplies and just dump everything back in, you still have the same cluttered mess on your hands. Instead, utilize storage containers, dividers, and trays to help keep items separate and organized.

Schedule maintenance time. It’s inevitable that you will often be busy working on projects and upkeep of your organizing systems may take a backseat. So schedule time to come back and re-assess every six weeks or so. Return items to where they belong and ensure that this system is still working for you. You might find that items stored in your bottom drawers are getting used more often, so this would be a great time to shift things around as needed.

The struggle with desk drawers is ensuring that they don’t become a dumping ground for misplaced items. It’s easy to sweep your desk clean quickly by throwing everything into the drawers! By utilizing these tips from your Professional Organizer in NYC, you’ll be able to keep your desk organized and working for you instead of against you. If you need more hands on help, reach out to me today.

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