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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Office Organizing Strategies

Have you ever contemplated why it’s so hard to keep your office organized? You may have searched through Pinterest and seen tons of ideas on how to organize your space, but you feel like having a space like that is out of reach. What’s holding you back from enjoying a productive organized workspace? This Professional Organizer in NYC knows this full well – it’s your mindset.

Everyone has to deal with clutter. Nobody is immune! Knowing that this is a common problem for everyone makes it easier to imagine that with a little bit of a mindset switch, you’ll be well on your way to an organized, clutter free office – just like those Pinterest pictures!

The key to changing your mindset towards organization is to make a decision. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is! Make the decision to change, and then back it up by developing a plan.

Start by setting goals and deadlines. Decide what you want to accomplish, what needs to be organized, and set a deadline for it. Be specific in your goals. “Organize office” is too broad. Instead, list smaller, actionable steps, such as organizing your desk drawers, your filing cabinet, or bookshelves. And don’t leave your deadline floating in the air – hold yourself accountable by adding your deadline to the calendar.

Another step is staying focused. It can be easy to get distracted and turn your focus towards other matters, especially when you aren’t categorizing organization as a priority. So make a mental shift and follow through. If you scheduled time for organizing your office, treat that time frame as if it was just as important as a client meeting. Don’t check your email or answer your phone. Set a timer and focus solely on organizing during your scheduled time.

If you work in an office with other people, ask them to help. Whether they are joining in with your organizing tasks or helping you stay accountable by giving you space while you are organizing, enlist them to be supportive towards your goals.

Mindset shifts aren’t made overnight. You need to make a commitment and work at it. By choosing to make organizing your office important, keeping it organized will quickly become part of your daily routines.

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