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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Digital Office Organizing Tips

Keeping your office organized is important to your daily productivity at work. Equally as important is the digital side of your business. Odds are good that most of your work is done on your computer, so it’s important to take the time to organize the digital side of your business. Here are some office organizing tips from this Professional Organizer in NYC.

Update your website. Go through each page of your website reviewing all of your content as well as navigation. Take inventory of what needs to be updated and remove outdated offers and copy that no longer applies to your business. Update your offerings and seek out testimonials from newer clients. This may even be a good time for a complete website redesign that more effectively fits your business brand.

Review your forms. Take some time to look at the paperwork and documents that you use and share with clients and other team members. Ensure that the information contained is still accurate and applicable to your current business procedures. Pay especially attention to phone numbers and email addresses as these may have changed.

Create an easy system for managing all your passwords. Most people don’t think to change their passwords often. In fact, you might have the same password on all of your accounts for the last few years! Now is a great time to switch them up to prevent stolen user information. Make sure your passwords are not easy to guess – use upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. You might even consider using one of the password sites like LastPass so that your passwords are readily accessible and very secure.

Get rid of files you don’t need. Odds are you’ve saved some documents that you don’t need, perhaps appointment reminders or other type of notes that are no longer relevant, or documents that you have downloaded multiple times. Delete what isn’t needed anymore and store everything else according to the file system you created.

Close those extra tabs. This can be a hard one! When you are in the midst of a productive moment, you may open up several tabs to work on a single project. Then you move on to something else, but you don’t want to lose what you already have open, right? Then next time you open your browser you are hit head on with cluttered tabs. Thankfully, there are browser extensions created to deal with this problem. OneTab can convert all of your tabs into a list, then you can open them again all together or individually. The list remains saved until you delete it. This not only reduces tab clutter, but frees up valuable computer space.

Schedule time into your work week to periodically tackle these digital office organizing tasks. For more hands on strategies from your Professional Organizer in NYC, reach out to me today!

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