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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Top 5 To-Do List Apps

This Professional Organizer in NYC has always shared the importance of a functioning to-do list to stay organized in the office. Utilizing a digital to-do list is a great way to make your task list easily accessible and keep office organizing simple! The great thing about to-do list apps is that there is a wide variety with many different features. With such a large selection, there is bound to be an app that will work for you! Here is a list of my top 5 picks.

Todoist. This popular app allows you to manage your tasks across multiple platforms so that you can access your lists from your office and on the go. This list is visually pleasing as it allows for sub-tasks in order to organize projects together. Another great feature is the ability to collaborate on shared lists with team members. You can share projects, delegate tasks, and discuss details from within the app.

Wunderlist. Similar to Todoist, Wunderlist allows you to easily collaborate and share lists and projects with team members and clients. You can set notifications and easily assign due dates to both your tasks and those you have delegated. Another great feature is that you can forward an email to Wunderlist and it is automatically turned into a task for you. With the use of folders, notes, and hashtags, it’s easy to customize this app to work for you.

ToodleDo. One perk to this app is that it’s completely free. There are no upgrades for more features, so you can access everything it offers right away. You can collaborate and share tasks with team members, and you are able to change the settings so that you control what, when, and how data is displayed within the app. Being able to personalize this program to how you work is a plus. This is a top pick from this Professional Organizer in NYC! This app has some of the same features as the others on the list, such as notifications and collaboration capabilities, and it includes easy drag-and- drop and swipe-to- complete features to help you manage your tasks. One great bonus feature is the “moment” function, which is a daily planner notification to help you stay organized and productive.

Google Keep. This is a great app for those who are fans of the Google Apps for Work system. It’s a simple notepad that is connected to your Google Drive account, and it allows you to quickly make and save lists and notes that are then accessible across multiple devices. Though Google Keep doesn’t have a lot of the fancier features as the above mentioned apps, it makes up for it in terms of ease of use and edit ability.

The market for to-do lists is wide and varied, and with some searching and testing, you can find an app that works for you and your needs. For more help from this Professional Organizer in NYC, here’s a FREE resource that will help – download my Project Management Checklist and Tips!

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