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Quick Filing Tips From the Professional Organizer in NYC

Let’s talk about filing. Even if your incoming paper management system is organized and efficient, if you don’t have a clear filing system in place, you will struggle with finding documents when you need them. After a document is filed away it’s easy to forget where you may have stored it. Without a clearly labeled system, you’ll find yourself spending hours weeding through files searching for that one important piece of paper. Don’t complicate things for yourself!

Instead, simplify your work with these paper organizing tips from your Professional Organizer in NYC.

Think broad. When labeling your file folders, try not to be too specific. Use broad headings such as “Project XYZ”, “Expense Reports” or “Ad Campaigns.” You can then break those down into subfolders if needed. In addition, divide your files into three main categories: Action (for current projects, calls, to read, etc.), Reference (vendor quotes, business resources, etc.), and Archive (for files you don’t use often but need to keep).

Stay consistent. If you file project documents for client A by that client’s name, then do the same for clients B and C. The same goes for all of your paperwork. There’s no right or wrong way to label files, you need to decide on a system that works for you and how you process information. But once you decide, stick with it and stay consistent so that you don’t misplace any important documents.

Store related items together. Instead of storing all spreadsheets for all projects together in one folder, for example, try storing all documents for a specific project together instead. This will make it easier when you need information for a particular project. You can go directly to the project folder without having to sift through various other folders to find the information you are looking for.

Don’t overfill your folders. Don’t feel like you have to squeeze everything in! You can have multiple folders within a hanging folder or digital file folder for cases where there are lots of documents. Make sure that you clearly label them so you know what is stored where.

The key to remember when organizing paperwork is to file regularly so that your paperwork doesn’t pile up. Keeping your filing cabinet organized can feel overwhelming, so if you are ready for more hands on assistance, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC for help.

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