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Tackling an Office Move – Part 3: Administrative Tasks

We’ve talked about part 1 of the moving process – preparation, and part two – general office clean out. The next step is tackling the administrative tasks. These are important steps that need to be done before moving day. By making sure to delegate and tackle these administrative tasks in advance, you can focus on the unexpected that will happen on moving day. Here are this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s three simple steps for the third phase of your office move.

Determine the best methods for disposing of no longer needed materials, furnishings, and equipment. After you’ve identified those items and furniture which will be moved into your new space, it’s time to remove the excess. Don’t waste time and money taking these no longer needed items into your new space! Files and paperwork with sensitive information need to be shredded. Furniture and equipment can be donated if they are still in working order or recycled if not. Here are good places to donate and recycle in NYC.

Create a moving announcement notification plan. Communication is an imperative piece of the moving puzzle, and that includes deciding how to notify clients, vendors, and your community. Assign someone to handle the notification plan, and make sure to assign dates and mode of communication. Assuring your clients and vendors that there’s a transition plan in place and that your company won’t miss any important deadlines will breed confidence in the process.

Order stationary, business forms, and promotional materials with your new address. Don’t forget this step! You’ll want to hit the ground running after you’ve moved in to your new office space, and that means having all your essentials ready to go. If you wait to order until after you’ve moved, you are potentially waiting for weeks for them to come in, and you don’t want to reuse the materials with an incorrect address or phone number as that could cause confusion. Order the important items during this stage of the process so they are ready for you on day one in the new space.

Ready to put part three into action? Download this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Office Move Checklist!

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