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How to Clear Digital Clutter – Part 4

Check… Your digital decluttering project is finally done!! It took longer than anticipated but you stuck with it and crossed the finish line. Congratulations!! However, your work is not completely done. Yes, you did a thorough assessment to identify all the digital clutter followed by creating a gameplan and then got to work. To keep… Continue Reading »

How to Clear Digital Clutter – Part 2

In a recent post, I shared the importance of doing a thorough assessment to identify the extent of clutter in your digital life. I suggested doing this because you don’t always think beyond our computer desktop and documents when this topic comes up. By also assessing the amount of clutter that has collected in your… Continue Reading »

It’s Time to Clear Digital Clutter

I’m a strong believer in clearing all types of clutter. Recently I’ve been focusing on digital clutter. I’ve explored why we ignore it as well as the benefits of clearing digital clutter. Now that it’s time to clear digital clutter, I wanted to help you by sharing some strategies for getting this task done. The… Continue Reading »

Why Do We Ignore Digital Clutter

When you think of clutter, your first thoughts probably go to those piles of papers and stuff that you have been ignoring.  Yes, they should be addressed. However, there is one area that also gets cluttered and is easier to overlook…. Your digital life which includes your computer, phone, other devices. The question is why… Continue Reading »