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Take Care of Your Office Staff in Case of a Disaster

When preparing your office for a disaster, you may spend time focusing on how your business will continue to operate during down time, or how you will continue to generate revenue to support your business if you lose your office space. These are important discussions to have, and should be part of your disaster preparedness plan. But one of the most important aspects of your plan needs to be how you approach safety and preparedness with your team. Creating a plan based on ensuring their safety and support will benefit you and your business. Here are office organizing tips from this Professional Organizer in NYC to help you support the people in your business during an emergency.

Involve your team in the planning. As you create a disaster preparedness plan for your office, involve your staff in the process. Allow your team to ask questions and share concerns, as they may raise important points that should be included into your plan. Encourage your staff to work together so that you are all equally prepared in the event a disaster occurs.

Practice safety drills in the office. Remember in elementary school, you’d line up outside with your classmates when you had a fire drill? Just because we are adults now does not mean that we still shouldn’t practice these basic safety drills. Schedule time for safety drills for whatever types of disasters may be prevalent in your area. If you are in NYC like this Professional Organizer, then you may want to include drills relevant to office fires, power outages, and hurricanes. If your office is in California, then you may want to introduce drills for earthquake preparedness.

Have regular meetings to review safety procedures. The key to disaster preparedness is to make sure that your entire team is familiar with the plan well before anything happens. This ensures they’ll be able to take action and make appropriate decisions in the heat of the moment because specific protocols have been discussed. In order to keep safety procedures top of mind for your staff, it’s important to schedule meetings to review, and perhaps revise as necessary, your current office disaster preparedness plan and safety procedures. A team could be selected to spearhead the review and revision process, and then communicate those changes to the staff.

Take a Red Cross first aid and CPR class. Knowing what to do in case of an emergency is important. In the event of injury, knowing how to provide simple first aid could make a huge difference. Taking the course yourself is a good idea, but also look into providing these courses for your staff.

Preparing for a disaster is an important office organizing task, and your office staff will be grateful that their safety in an emergency is a priority. If you need more hands on tips and strategies for office organizing and disaster preparedness, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC today.

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