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Things You Can Do To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Many people love to focus on the positive aspects that come from being in a leadership position. It’s rare to hear mention of the mental and emotional difficulties that can arise when your position is promoted. Being responsible for the well-being and management of a team can feel stressful, seeing as you want to do your best as a leader. However, there are many things you can do to improve your leadership skills.

Get Organized

If you were to imagine your best self leading a meeting for your team, you might picture a spotless desk with no clutter whatsoever. However, if the reality of your workspace is far from that description, you may need to get organized. Working in a disorganized space can impact your performance—you tend to feel less focused and less productive.

In turn, you may not be able to support your team to the extent you’d like, which can affect their work output. This clutter problem can be worse if you work from home, as we tend to be a little laxer on ourselves. Working in an organized space is a simple thing you can do to improve your leadership skills. It will make you stand taller and feel more professional as you conduct meetings and interact with countless people in your day.

Optimize Time

As your role expands to a leadership position, time management becomes even more crucial as you will likely have more responsibilities. Conquering time management is one of the most important things you can do to be as efficient in your role as possible. Make use of your work calendar and task list to keep track of every meeting and task that you must accomplish.

Without proper time management, your team might come to feel unseen or unheard. Blocking out time allows you to learn more about each person—including their goals, projections, and aspirations at the organization. Time management ensures you can communicate with every member consistently, making it one of the best ways you can support employee career advancement.

Email Management

Even with chatting apps available to communicate easily with our teams, emails are still a huge part of many jobs. We can expect to receive around 50–100 emails daily, which can easily overwhelm us and be a huge hit on our productivity levels. The best way to push through this is with email management.

You can start by setting up a limited number of folders for those emails that need to be kept and place each email in them. Once you respond to an email, put it in its associated folder. Some make the mistake of deleting these emails, but you never know when you will need to go back through and find an important document or statement.

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