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Time Management Tips Prep You to Work Smarter this Summer

time managementMemorial Day may have marked the unofficial start of summer, but it is still very much spring, with the transition between warm and cold weather felt each day and the preparations for the summer months still underway. As you break out those beach chairs and stock up on sunblock, take some time to set yourself up for success this summer by optimizing your files, to do list and calendar. Our NYC Professional Organizer understands that this is often the last thing you want to do when the sun starts shining, but believe us, you’ll be thankful that you have when it comes time to take your summer vacation!


There’s no getting around it; paper organizing is a tedious task. However, if you have the right systems in place, you’ll not only make organizing files in your home and office easy, you’ll save time looking for documents later on. Set aside a time before the end of spring to file those papers that have been piling up on your desk in their respective folders, relocate folders for completed projects from your active file cabinet to a storage box or cabinet designated for archived items. Discard any files that are no longer relevant. Overall, try to get your larger paper organizing projects out of the way this spring so when summer comes, you’ll just need to do some basic upkeep!

To Do List

Take it from our NYC Professional Organizer, you do not want to enter the summer months with an overflowing, disorganized to do list. One of her top time management tips – especially for times when you and your associates will be away from the office for vacations and holidays – is to ensure that your to do list is working for you – not against you! First, identify those tasks that you’ve carried over week to week and have yet to address. Determine if these are unnecessary or if there’s someone else who can complete them in a timely manner and handle accordingly. Then, remove any items that will need to be addressed down the line, but aren’t currently urgent, and add them to a “future projects” list. Finally, assess all remaining tasks to make sure that they are in line with your current goals.


If you’re like us, your calendar has started filling up rapidly, not only with work obligations and meetings, but with family parties, cookouts, beach trips, and other social functions. Review your calendar to determine if it reflects a balance between those tasks you must complete and things you want to do. Remove any unnecessary items and, as we always say to those in search of time management tips, leave room on your calendar for the unexpected. Just remember, all of your activities– both work and personal – should be marked on one calendar to give you an accurate picture of your month.

Taking these small steps will make a big difference in allowing you to work smarter – not harder – this summer so you can spend less time filing paperwork and deciphering your to do list and more time enjoying the beautiful weather!

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