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Tips for a Clutter Free Home Office

Keeping your home office organized is important for your productivity and efficiency. When you work from home, you already are faced with the challenge of staying productive despite all the distractions such as family members talking, the television blasting, or the pile of laundry needing attention. Couple those distractions with a cluttered office space and you have a recipe for disaster! To regain control and to create an efficient home office space, apply these tips from your Professional Organizer in NYC.

Remove items that don’t belong in your workspace. Start by scouring the room and locating all items that belong elsewhere in your home. Purses and shoes that should be relocated to a closet elsewhere, toys that belong in your child’s room – you get the picture! Collect these items and move them to where they belong.

Get rid of items that are broken or no longer used. Don’t waste space saving things that you can’t use! It’s time to recycle old laptops, donate or get rid of household items that you are storing in this space, and throw away anything broken that you cannot use.

Purge the paper. Half the battle in a home office are the piles of paper! Sort through your paper, filing away what you need to keep, and recycling or shredding anything that you no longer need. Keep your home files separate from your business files so that it’s easier to locate documents when needed.

Clear your desk. As a Professional Organizer in NYC, this is something that I speak about often and something that I do regularly! If you have a clear, clutter-free desk, you will have a place to work that immediately allows you to be productive! You won’t have to shuffle papers to find a clear spot to work, won’t be distracted by miscellaneous mail that has collected, and you’ll know exactly where a pen is when you need one. So clear your desk off and leave only the important items related to the task at hand within reach.

Make sure everything has a home. Here’s the key to decluttering – give every item a home. Don’t wait to put back that file you were looking at or the stapler that you used – when you are done using them, put them back where they belong. If your space is limited, practice the one in, one out rule. When you bring in a new item to your home office space assign it a spot and immediately remove something that is used less frequently.

Label everything. Home offices are very often shared spaces. Whether you are doubling your space as a storage area, a playroom, or a guest bedroom, or maybe you have a dedicated home office but are sharing it with multiple members, the easiest way to keep organized and clutter free is by labeling. Label file folders, storage bins, and containers. If everyone knows where every item is stored, it’ll be easy to keep your space clutter free.

Schedule maintenance appointments with yourself. Clutter has a way of sneaking back into a space. So book time on your calendar every 3 months to assess your office space and clear the excess that has accumulated.

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