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Tips to Organize Tech During an Office Move

Coordinating all the moving parts of an office move can be stressful. In most cases, companies don’t want to or plan to spend a lot of down time while moving. This means that creating a seamless transition from the old office to the new is necessary. One of the most important factors in an office move is technology. A business cannot operate in today’s world without internet and phone access, so it’s important to take this Professional Organizer in NYC’s advice and place technology at the top of your moving to-do list.

The first step is scheduling. When you decide on a date for your office move, schedule time with your internet service provider to set up service in the new location at least a week ahead of time. This ensures that by the time you make the official move, your phone and internet will be ready to go. It gives you some buffer time for things that might come up – connection issues at the new office, the provider’s company needing to reschedule, any additional issues like adding in new phone lines or a wifi system that isn’t stable. Having some time to work through these potential issues before you officially are in the new office is imperative. At this point, your business will still be functioning and operating at the previous location with no connectivity issues.

Next, you will need to plan for moving day. If needed, inform your clients ahead of time that there may be some downtime as you and your staff make the move. Be sure not to schedule any phone calls or meetings during the moving time. Before packing begins, take time to back up all of your computer files and systems so that nothing is lost during the transition. As you begin to pack your technology for the move, remember to label everything so there is no mystery about what goes where or belongs to whom in the new space. Label cords, chargers, and wires. Make sure to take care in packing items like tablets and monitors, making sure they are well protected. Clearly label boxes so that you know where all technology is located and can immediately unpack those items first. This is also a great time to clean tech items before packing, such as keyboards and mice. It’s also a great time to evaluate your tech devices. There’s no need to pack and bring outdated computers, printers, or fax machines that have long since been upgraded. Donate them, recycle them, and don’t bring excess clutter into your brand new space!

Finally, take time before move in day to test all network and phone systems including printer, fax, and copy stations. This will give you time to troubleshoot any issues that arise before work needs to begin. Another tip – on your first official day in the office, have IT staff on-site to help with any technology issues that come up. This will keep any potential downtime to a minimum, helping your staff get back into a rhythm and keeping your customers and clients happy.

Because technology places such a key role in how an office functions, any time a move takes place, whether it’s from one side of the office building to another or a larger move across town, it’s important to take time to organize and plan. This Professional Organizer in NYC knows firsthand that facing an office move with an organized tech plan and skilled team means a much easier transition for you, your staff, and your clients.

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