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My Top 8 New Year’s Resolutions for Office Organizing

Happy New Year! You may have spent the last few days working on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, goals for yourself, and plans for your business. “Getting organized” at home and at work is on almost everyone’s list, and as a Professional Organizer in NYC, I know how important it is to follow through on this specific resolution! But just saying “I want to get organized” is too broad. What should you organize first? What actionable steps should you take to get (and stay) organized this year? Here is a list of my top 8 New Year’s Resolutions for office organizing to help you take action in your office space.

New Year’s Resolutions for Office Organizing

1. For every new item I bring into my office, I will remove two items that I no longer use or need. I will throw away broken items and donate the rest.

2. I will spend five minutes at the end of every work day filing paperwork. I won’t let documents and files pile up on my desk.

3. I will unsubscribe to newsletters that I don’t regularly read. I will use my valuable time for reading and replying to only the important emails.

4. I will keep all tax documents in one or more labeled file folders. I will add any and all important documents to this file as they come in so I’m not searching last minute before my tax appointment.

5. I will ditch the paper clutter this year by recycling and shredding documents I no longer need.

6. Every item will have a home in my office that will be clearly labeled. It will be easy for someone to come into my office and know where to find any files or important items.

7. I will utilize technology to help me stay organized, manage my tasks, and improve my time management and productivity. I will explore options like online to-do lists and project management systems to simplify processes and stay organized.

8. I will schedule time for office organizing tasks. I will make this a priority and add organizing time to my calendar. This will include time every 3 months to evaluate my systems and strategies.

Though getting organized is in the top 3 resolutions for many people, it’s often one of the first resolutions abandoned in the new year. Don’t let that happen to you! Adopt these office organizing resolutions into your daily work life and watch as you reap the benefits all year long. For more hands on office organizing tips and strategies, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC.

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