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Top Office Tech Tools for Disaster Preparedness

When you are faced with an emergency at work, having access to people, organizations, and necessary services can be vital. One great way to access these resources is through the various tech tools and apps you can use on your phone or tablet. Check out a couple of this Professional Organizer in NYC’s top picks.

The FEMA app. This is an important one. You will receive alerts from the National Weather Service, get safety reminders, and make office organizing easier with a customizable emergency checklist. A great feature of this app is the disaster resources where you can locate open shelters and get connected with FEMA representatives. You can even upload disaster pictures which will help aid first responders.

Guardly. This app allows your office team to report unsafe conditions, suspicious activity, and emergencies within your building. If there is a security team in your office building, you can use this technology to automatically alert your security guards, otherwise, you can connect the app to the local emergency services.

ICE Standard. This app allows you to save personal information and your medical information that would be necessary for someone caring for you in case of an emergency. Using a series of color coded alerts on your home screen, this app will immediately share pertinent information with first responders who are providing you care. It also allows space to include emergency contacts.

Winter Survival Kit. This app is great for those of us in NYC and other cities that can face harsh winters. It includes information and resources to help prepare for the winter months. One of the best features of this app is the “I’m Stuck” button. In some cases, you may find yourself stuck and unable to call for help. You can hit the button and your location is sent to emergency services.

Red Cross Apps. The Red Cross is a recommended resource from this Professional Organizer in NYC! The Red Cross offers a variety of apps for all different types of situations. A first aid app, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, wildfire… just to name a few! You can choose which apps to download based on your level of risk at work. One app, the Emergency Alert app, offers more than 35 different severe weather and emergency alerts to keep you safe.

When you find yourself in a disaster situation at work, you might not be able to immediately think about steps to take to keep yourself and those around you safe. These apps will help, and are available for a multitude of devices at various price points (many are free!). When you need more hands on strategies to help with disaster preparedness and office organizing, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC.

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