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Use Tech Tools to Get Organized at Work

The beginning of the year is a good time to change up how you are managing tasks and processes. One solution that is increasing in popularity is to add new technology to your business practices. Office organizing begins with efficiently managing your tasks, and when working with a team or on the go, office organizing apps and programs become even more essential. Here are four apps this NYC Professional Office Organizer encourages you to check out this year.

Nirvana. This app is based around the Getting Things Done philosophy. It’s a cloud-based task manager that walks you through each of the steps of the Getting Things Done method. An inbox is provided to capture all your tasks, then prompts you to answer questions regarding each task including when it’s due, how long it will take you to finish, and how much energy is required. By utilizing tags, filters, and lists, you’ll be able to group tasks together based on what is most important and when it matters most.

Notion. If your work is highly data-driven, then this app is for you. Notion is a collaboration tool for teams that focuses on goals within the dashboard, shares reports, and communicates by utilizing Slack. There are tools to provide comments within the app on specific reports which eliminates the need for chasing down colleagues to ask clarifying questions. It also provides polls to collect feedback from team members. The visual reports make it easy to share successes and also point out areas where attention may be needed.

GoodNotes. If you are a note taker, then this is the app you have been waiting for! This app allows you to take handwritten notes on your iPad or iPhone when you are in meetings or on phone calls, and also allows you to annotate on PDF documents. Your handwritten notes are then searchable later, which is a huge plus! All notes are saved to the cloud so they can be
accessed wherever you are. GoodNotes is loaded with features that make the app customizable and flexible to your needs.

Marvin. This productivity tool is designed to help you get more done with ease. This app incorporates principles from behavioral psychology to help beat procrastination and help you feel in control as you work through your to-do list. The main key to Marvin is that it separates the space where you store your tasks and where you work on them, helping you to stay focused and get more done. It also comes customized with “strategies” that you can edit and use as needed.

Using the variety of tech tools available on the market to get and stay organized can (and will!) help to improve the productivity of you and your team. For more office organizing tips and strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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