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NYC Office Organizing Ideas to Prep for Your Vacation

Vacation Organizing TipsWith the start of summer upon us, it’s time to start planning or finalizing the plans for your summer getaway.  Preparing for vacation can add unnecessary stress to an already busy home and work life.  Tackling your vacation prep tasks in the same way as organizing your office in NYC or even your home makes it a less overwhelming endeavor.  Here are some tools and office organizing ideas  to consider as you get organized at home and in the office prior to your departure.

Leave Work at Home.  –  Preparing for vacation is the perfect time to test your office organizing skills and to implement new office organizing ideas.  Delegate tasks to your staff, assess priorities and delay starting new tasks that aren’t time sensitive and eliminate tasks that have been sitting on your to-do list for months and just don’t need to be done.

Make a Checklist.  –  Create a list of all those tasks that need to be done to organize your office in NYC as well as your home in preparation for your trip. The list could include printing out your e-ticket, making sure that your passport hasn’t expired and shopping for suntan lotion and a bathing suit. Here’s a sample for reference.

Use a Packing List.  –  Create a packing list of those items that you want to take with you.  Find out what amenities are provided by the hotel so those items can be left at home.  Be sure to make the list all inclusive and keep it on your computer for future reference.  Edit it upon your return to reflect all of the organizing solutions used so that packing for your next trip will go very quickly.

Plan Your Itinerary.  –  If you are planning to go to a place that you have never been before and have been researching all the sights to see and restaurants to try, compiling all this information in a daily itinerary will make it easier to manage and to reference as needed.  Having a template on your computer where you can collect this information will keep it all consolidated in one place so that it can be printed out right before your departure. Here’s a template to consider.

Collect All Items in 1 Place.  –  Designate one area in your home as the collection point for all items that you plan on taking with you. This spot is specifically for new items bought for the trip, travel guide books, travel documentation and the like.  When it’s time to pack, you can add your clothing and other personal items to the pile so that you can assess how best to poisition the items in your suitcase

Reduce Stress at the Airport.  –  Getting through security at the airport can be a challenging experience all by itself.  Having your identification well organized and being sure that your carry-on items comply with the 3-1-1 rule is essential.  In addition, packing your clothing so that it is organized and neatly folded will make unpacking a breeze.  For products and tips for packing, getting through airport security without a hassle and making your travel experience more comfortable, read on.

If you have used any travel specific organizing solutions that you would recommend (or not), let me know.

Happy Travels!

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