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2019: An Office Organizing Year in Review

Can you believe that 2019 has come to an end? As we celebrate the last few days of the year, this NYC Professional Office Organizer is taking a look back at some of our hot topics and most shared blog articles over 2019.

Using Music to Stay Focused at Work

Do you listen to music while you are working? For some people, that may sound like another distraction, but science has shown that listening to certain sounds can indeed increase focus and productivity. Check out my list of different types of music that can help you stay organized and on task.

To Pinterest or Not?

A simple Pinterest search can bring up thousands of ideas for organizing your desk drawers and even more possibilities to consider for organizing your home office. Is it realistic to expect that you can easily replicate what’s depicted in these images in your own space? I take a closer look at setting realistic organizing expectations.

Is DIY Organizing For You?

Thanks in part to Marie Kondo’s show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” organizing projects that had previously been put aside are now front and center as organizing is becoming a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. But is this approach for everyone? I discuss in this article.

Office Organizing Reduces Burnout

Burnout can overpower your work life – your productivity is reduced, it’s difficult to focus, and you have little to no energy each day. The unfortunate fact is that it doesn’t just stop there – burnout can spill over and affect your home and social life, too. I shared office organizing strategies that will help.

The Truth About Disorganization

Being disorganized at work can hinder your efficiency, hold you back from where you want to be professionally, and can cost you money and clients. By discovering how important organization is to your life and recognizing what happens in your personal life can affect your work life, you can make the necessary changes to improve both! I discuss in this article.

Challenges Sabotaging Your Focus at Work

Many people find themselves struggling to keep on task at one point or another during their workday. There are numerous challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to focus – I discuss a number of them and how you can overcome these challenges.

2019 is a wrap! As we move into 2020 and we focus on improving organization and productivity at work, make sure to reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer for strategies and support.

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