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3 Office Organizing Case Studies

Here’s a sampling of m office organizing case studies. Whether we are talking about a business office, home office, or paperwork, the process starts out the same. My client and I discuss their project and clearly identify their goal. Once this is done, I then prioritize the tasks to be done and guide them through each one. The more actively involved they are, the better able they will be to maintain their space and information. Check out these projects to learn more.

Office Organizing Post Move

We’ve all heard stories about companies downsizing, streamlining, and moving to smaller spaces. What happens when your company is moving to a smaller space, doesn’t have time to do a thorough decluttering before moving, and barely has room for their staff, furniture and 50 cartons? They create a situation that is very overwhelming. Check out this case study.

Organizing Paperwork

Getting your paperwork organized can be a challenging project. The piles can be overwhelming and then there are the decisions that need to be made. This process is much more of a challenge when you are facing one of life’s transitions. This was the case for my client’s mother who is a senior and was preparing to split her time between 2 locations. Here’s how we cleared the piles.

Virtual Home Office Organizing

My client, who is the creative director for a dance company, wanted a more efficient and organized home office but… how to organize a home office was the issue. She had a dedicated home office space all set-up but couldn’t work comfortably at the desk. The problem? Piles of paperwork that had collected over the past couple of years were cluttering up the workspace. Here’s what we did

I hope that you found these office organizing case studies to be informative and inspiring. I’d love to hear about your office organizing successes. Please share below or reach out to me.

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