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Home Organizing Tips & Organizing Solutions for Your NYC Closets

For many NYC residents, storage space is at a premium so eliminating clutter and making the most of your closet space is vital. The change of seasons is a good time to clean out and identify new organizing solutions to make your NYC closet space function more efficiently. If you have limited closet space (and… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Ideas to Maximize Cyber Security

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and these office organizing ideas  from The Organizing Zone, a professional office organizer in NYC, and the Department of Homeland Security can help you take steps with organizing your NYC office so that you’ll maximize the security of your computer systems: Create secure passwords for your accounts (longer… Continue Reading »

Professional Home Organizer’s Tips for Planning New York Fall Camping Getaway

Those of you who know me know that a destination without hot showers and room service does not mean “vacation” in my mind; however I recognize that warm, sunny fall days and cool fall nights make for perfect camping weekends for many NYC area residents. Professional home organizers in New York typically recommend utilizing a… Continue Reading »

To-Do List Organizing Solutions – NYC Case Study

I have been working with a client for the past year and one of our priorities has been to find workable organizing solutions for managing her to-do list.  We have spent numerous sessions in her NYC home office discussing organizing and time management skills. As a result, I created customized organizing solutions for organizing her… Continue Reading »

Eliminating Clutter in NYC Homes – Organizing Solutions for Your Entry Area or Mudroom

A mudroom is ideal for stashing and managing shoes, boots, coats and bags.  But even if you’re not fortunate enough to have a room dedicated to this purpose (and many NYC homeowners aren’t), you can create an efficient drop zone (or landing pad/launching pad) near your home’s primary point of entry.  By starting with these… Continue Reading »

Organizing your Office in NYC is Key When on the Road

Whether it’s a day of back-to-back sales calls across NYC or a last-minute business trip, getting your work done when you’re away from your office can be challenging, but taking a few steps that help with organizing your office in NYC ahead of time can make your out-of-office time less disruptive and more productive.  Here… Continue Reading »